Filthy Cow

The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure!

Fast becoming a local cult amongst students and young professionals, Filthy Cow offers a lively and somewhat surprising fast-casual brand experience, full of unapologetic cheeky innuendo, proudly serving obsessively made gourmet burgers and local craft beers - creating a unique destination for genuine burger lovers and fans of bovine bordellos!

Ever marvelled at the untapped pleasure of a juicy, plump medium rare beef patty in a freshly baked brioche bun? Ever compared those fuzzy feelings to the carnal pangs in your nether regions? Well we have and we did. Which is why we managed to imagine a scenario so seductive, that even a chaste monk would swoon at the romance of it. A scenario where the burgers are akin to the sort of guilty pleasure the same monk wouldn't even dare fantasise about.

Targeting the market of fun-loving 18-30 year olds looking for an affordable, different, memorable and gourmet dining experience, Mystery was ideally suited to help create a cult destination full of cheeky character that people would be compelled to talk about, which stands out from the crowd and that is both sophisticated and edgy.

Mystery worked strategically to define a distinctive brand positioning central to the proposition. We conceived the name, interior design, identity design, signage, uniforms, website, menus and launch marketing collateral, consulted on the food development and operations (with our strategic partners) to deliver a totally coherent brand experience.

The Filthy Cow interior design scheme combines irreverence and premium quality cues through a combination of ‘red-light’ brothel style neon signage with farm yard references such as caged cattle stalls, shed-style waiter stations and tin lamp shades alongside rural materials such as weathered corrugated steel, exposed timber and brickwork. The brand personality is overtly expressed through the interior graphics and messaging which is sprinkled though the three story space.

The irreverence of the Filthy Cow brand character continues in the toilets with Mystery’s bespoke designed sinks made from tin buckets and with walls pasted with dozens of bovine prostitute calling cards. The perfect place to wet yourself laughing!

Mystery also had fun designing bespoke furniture with tables inspired by troughs and hand made chairs from salvaged water pipes and timber.

The results have seen Filthy Cow’s first location in central Manchester quickly become a destination for tens of thousands of local residents, tourists and young professionals looking for a good value, quick, quality burger and fun experience.

Filthy Cow Adaptive Website

Mystery also brought the brand to life online with a fun and simple, budget-friendly single-page mobile-adaptive website. Delivering everything to launch the brand and grow awareness through built in search engine optimisation. Social media links and an Instagram slideshow are key to helping the brand promote their competitions and social activity, which in tandem with well executed PR saw hits to the Filthy Cow website climb well into the hundreds within days of launch driving queues of customers to the restaurant.

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