The Coffee Collaborative

Fuelling creativity through collaboration

The Coffee Collaborative is Mystery’s latest co-venture, following previous successful collaborations, Bubbleology, G’Nosh, THOR drinks and Dub Jam.

With Mystery as the branding and F&B concept specialists, The Coffee Collaborative team is made up of Christian Radau, an expert coffee blender and roaster; super-talented chef, Luke Thomas; coffee gurus Andy Grelak and Jim Cain; and Paul Kemp, coffee and foodservice industry commercial and operations expert.  All share expertise in the food and beverage industry, an entrepreneurial gift for creating successful businesses and, of course, a love of great coffee!

“No matter how excellent the original coffees used the best espresso is always a carefully crafted blend … This principle is also the philosophy that makes The Coffee Collaborative something special in a crowded market place… Our recipe is unique - a careful blend of the best of the best from their specialist fields.” Andy Grelak.

The Coffee Collaborative’s mission is to establish a ‘ 4th wave’ coffee company, sourcing artisanal quality coffee, hand-curated and roasted, to provide a range of balanced blends accessible to everyone. The business also provides the opportunity to create tailored and personalised blends for hospitality groups whose baristas aspire to the highest quality product, while needing to maintain their GP margins.

Positioned as more artisan than Illy and Costa Coffee, and more accessible than Square Mile Coffee and Climpson & Sons, The Coffee Collaborative is a 4th wave coffee company established to help operators elevate their experience by re-packaging the artisan coffee philosophy in an accessible way.

Brand strategy

We are fuelled by creativity and collaboration; bringing together industry expertise, branding excellence and visionary thinking to create a new and exciting offer for B2B and High Street customers.

The Coffee Collaborative is a brand that crafts things of value and inspires others in the process; a brand with a clear focus on elevating the coffee experience for our clients; a brand that keeps the conventional fresh; a brand whose coffee products compliment our wholesale clients existing offers and their customers' lifestyle; and a brand with an innovative communications platform based on the creative arts.


The Coffee Collaborative name is inspired by our belief in the power of collaboration and the genuine partnership of the five founders, whose individual experience is worth so much more than the sum of their parts.

We believe coffee itself is a form of fuel for creative energy.  The Coffee Collaborative is a name that conveys the creativity energy at the heart of the business; from defining our blends, through to the product packaging, everything is created in an imaginative way, and delivered with infectious energy.

Brand identity design

The identity design is created to position the brand with an instantly recognizable, artisan feel. The X also symbolises an artist’s signature and the initials are deliberately placed to generate intrigue as to their meaning: Curated X Blended X Roasted X Supplied - the four pillars of the business.

Website Design

We have launched with a very simple website that has been developed so that it can grow and evolve as the company and product range grows. Its main purpose is to give clients confidence in The Collaboration, rather than be a source for business enquiries.

The Coffee Collaborative had a soft launch in the VIP area of V festival, where the brand was enthusiastically received by VIPs, including Pixie Lott, Dougie Poynter, Just Kiddin’s Lewis Thompson and Laurie Revell and YouTuber Marcus Butler.

Talented coffee artist Maria A Aristidou was also in residence painting portraits of V Festival performers in rich tones of coffee from a pop-up studio in The Coffee Collaborative’s event space.

“Linking with the Mystery team was the master stroke for this project - an inspired piece of synergy that ensures our brand and proposition is at once differentiated and at the same time credible and contemporary.

Mystery is the engine of our success - the team is committed way beyond the normal call of duty - an overused word, but their passion is palpable and their skill and expertise is evident in all aspects of the complicated and sometimes tortuous process that is the birth of a new brand."

Andy Grelak

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