Monkey Shoulder

The world's first 'Triple Malt'

Having designed the launch collateral for this new ‘Triple Malt’ whisky, Mystery was asked to develop the Monkey Shoulder brand identity guidelines in order to define consistent brand communications.

We have also created a print advertising campaign, point of sale, bags, t-shirts, party invitations, training DVD and secondary packaging.

Mystery have been the driving force behind Monkey Shoulder's brand design and creative executions since its launch. Its a pleasure to work with a team who show a real enthusiasm and passion, combined with great concepts and attention to detail. So just for them, we've created the ‘Mysterious Monkey’:


37.5ml Monkey Shoulder Triple

Malt Scotch Whisky

12.5ml Hazelnut Liqueur

25ml Apple Juice

1 spoon Honey

2 lemon zests


Shake all ingredients and strain into Rocks glass filled with cubed ice. Garnish with lemon twist or lemon wheel.


Rob Curteis, Innovation Manager, William Grant's & Sons

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