Delivering Moojo moments on the go

Delivering Moojo moments on the go
Having designed the hugely successful Moojo ice cream sandwich store concept, Mystery Inc was hired to create a colourful truck to deliver ice cream 'moments of joy' to the rest of Austin, Texas and beyond. 

Austin just can't get enough of deliciously addictive ice cream sandwiches from the innovative Moojo.  So the brand decided to take its Moojo moments to the people and hired Mystery Inc to design its new truck of joy!  
Happy customers queue at the Moojo Truck
The new truck’s look, functionality,  branding and  illustrations were entirely designed by Mystery...
Moojo Truck Graphics
...while the graphics have been hand-painted by the super-talented Abraham Mong who also painted the graphics in the Moojo flagship store.
Pure Joy from the Moojo Truck
"We think the truck so surpasses our expectations! We thought you might like to see the finished product in action and know that it's receiving the love, including ours."  Allison Gaynor, Moojo.
PHOTOS: Amanda K Juillard amanda@moojo.net. Moojo: www.moojo.net @moojomoments
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